Healing Together

“I battled Coronavirus and Waveny
nurses and aides helped me beat it!”

- Gerry, Waveny resident  

Waveny’s commitment to our community’s most vulnerable citizens is unwavering

Many frail and elderly patients and residents at Waveny were already struggling with acute medical conditions and chronic ailments when Covid 19 upset this already tenuous balance. Despite reacting quickly with diligent protocols and state mandates, the virus had a swift and calamitous impact on our patients. Patients and staff contracted the virus, lives were lost, families were isolated from their loved ones and staff were stretched and emotionally drained.

In addition to the human and emotional toll, the financial impact is large. Increased costs from new protocols, isolation and staffing, as well as lost revenues from lower admissions and rehab program shutdowns have been extraordinary. The first six months of the virus yielded a $900,000 loss and the total net loss from the coronavirus impact on 2020 is expected to be $1.5M.

Waveny needs philanthropic support from the community now more than ever to continue to serve our community’s most vulnerable.

45 Years of Unwavering Care

Waveny LifeCare Network is steadfast in its commitment as a beacon of hope to the elderly in the area. Its mission has remained constant: To provide a comprehensive continuum of healthcare to serve the growing needs of seniors. The care that our seniors receive has consistently achieved the highest 5-star rating by the CMS, a government agency charged with understanding and evaluating standards at eldercare facilities.

A top concern for seniors is that they will run out of the financial resources to pay for their care. Unlike other local eldercare facilities, Waveny’s continuum means that it is prepared to meet residents’ increasing medical needs, and as a non-profit, makes a commitment to care for residents even as their health and financial resources wane.

“They just know each patient
and what they need.”

- Ingrid Deane, daughter of resident

Waveny’s commitment to our Seniors

Frontline caregivers at Waveny have proved to be true heroes. While citizens stayed or worked from the security of their own home, Waveny’s staff showed up 24/7 and cared for their residents and patients. Waveny caregivers also made personal sacrifices to ensure the safety of others. Staff members restricted their activities to limit exposure to the virus, and many worked without days off for weeks, caring for patients.

The pandemic has made challenging jobs even more difficult:

  • Sometimes isolated from their families and risking their own health and safety, they donned personal protective equipment to care for those infected or at risk.

  • Waveny had to suspend its active volunteer program, a dedicated army of more than 400 hard-working professionals who played a critical role in the emotional care of residents. Their void was filled by Waveny’s compassionate staff.

  • For safety reasons Waveny closed its doors to families and pressed caregivers to find creative ways to communicate health updates to loved ones. The team facilitated over 1,000 video, window and patio visits with family members.

  • Uniquely, Waveny has an on-staff chaplain who provides spiritual counseling and end-of-life care in-person to the residents, as well as facilitates video visits so that families can say their goodbyes and religious rites can be carried out.

  • The human loss of patients and residents broke the hearts of our staff, many of whom had developed close bonds over many years.

“My appreciation for anything and
everything you have done to make my
mom comfortable, especially toward the
end of her life, is so greatly appreciated.”

- Kyle Riccaboni, son of resident

Waveny’s Dedication to the Future

Waveny is evolving along with the “new normal” for senior healthcare. The financial impact for new safety protocols, new staffing models, new treatments, facilities and tracing and tracking will be part of our DNA moving forward. We need to be agile in order to adapt to whatever new environmental or biological challenges come our way. The financial expense for new methods, training and spaces will be ongoing but necessary to minimize risk and maximize safety and recovery.



Testing, personal
(PPE), health
Staff housing,
hazard pay,
overtime, food,
and counseling
Additional costs
for equipment,
safety protocols
staffing issues
revenue due to
closure of the
Adult Day Program,
Rehabilitation, and suspension of admissions
totaling $796,000
isolation and
Waveny’s estimated net loss due to coronavirus in 2020

“Using the ramped-up testing, we proactively developed key protocols, like proper cohorting of patients, to mitigate the spread of the virus.”

- Jack V. DiTeodoro M.D.
Waveny’s Medical Director

“It is vital to support Waveny now
more than ever.”

- Mike Foster
Short Term Physical Rehabilitation patient

Waveny needs your support to fight the financial impact of the pandemic. Our seniors will continue to require daily care and interaction, and many do not have the resources to pay for all that they require. Communities and families look to Waveny which is committed to excellence, compassion and the well-being and safety of their parents and grandparents, our country’s greatest generation. Waveny is here and our commitment is unwavering. Our need for your support has never been greater. Your gift will sustain our mission to care for those most in need.

Our Seniors Need Your Support

Waveny LifeCare Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Tax-ID: 06-0859588

For more information about how to make a donation to Waveny LifeCare Network, please contact Michelle Ernst, Director of Development at mernst@waveny.org or 203-594-5416