April 18, 2020

daily communications

April 18, 2020

Waveny LifeCare Network COVID-19 Daily Update
for Residents, Patients, and Families

We wish to thank the families of residents and patients for their continued cooperation and engagement. We would also like to recognize the members of our community who either individually, or as part of local organizations, continue to provide support or donations that enhance the quality of life of the Waveny organization. These demonstrations, along with our combined commitment to the care and safety of our patients and residents, strengthen our ability to help minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus, and promote their recovery and best outcomes.

We continue to closely monitor the well-being of our patients and residents. Most recently, two of the four patients who were swabbed in the Care Center (Full Skilled Nursing Facility) came back positive, and they are both resting comfortably in our COVID isolation area. The other two patients’ test results were negative for COVID.

Sadly, a Care Center patient, who after battling pneumonia and later tested positive for COVID- 19, passed away this morning. This reminds us of the clinical reality that our advanced-age patients with co-morbidities or impaired autoimmune, cardiovascular or, neurocognitive function, face a disproportionately higher risk of succumbing to the virus. Our prayers, thoughts and deepest condolences are with their family.

Below is Today’s Daily Update, which reflects only the changes from yesterday’s information as it relates to the COVID-19 virus and Waveny’s patients, residents, and caregiver status.


Changes in the Number of Confirmed and Presumed Positive COVID-19 Cases of Residents/Patients Currently Residing within Waveny: 1
Village (Memory Care): 0
Care Center (Full Skilled Nursing): 1          

Changes in the Number of Confirmed and Presumed Positive COVID-19 Cases of Residents/Patients Currently Hospitalized: 0

Changes in the Number of COVID-related Deaths (confirmed and presumed): 1
Village (Memory Care): 0
Care Center: 1                          

Changes in the Number of Employees who are COVID-19 Positive or Presumed Positive: 0
Employees with Direct Care: 0            
Employees with Non-Direct Care: 0

Changes in the Total of ALL Confirmed and Presumed COVID-19 Cases of Residents, Patients, and Employees: 2                                                              
Village: 0
Care Center: 1
Home Care: 1 Waveny was retained for a new patient who has previously tested for Covid-19
Employees: 0


We hope that the transparency we have tried to provide through these daily updates has been helpful. We are proud of our team’s dedication to serve our community each and every day. Know that we have redoubled our commitment to the care and support of patients’ and residents’ ongoing recoveries.

Our Waveny Home Care team continues to support our community residents in their homes in a safe, preventive manner, including their consistent use of PPE. For over 8 years, our professional staff of nurses, physical, occupational and speech therapists, social workers and aides, has helped residents remain safely in their homes, reducing hospital emergency room episodes and admissions. In light of this, we are newly providing support to a home care patient in the community who recently acquired the virus and requires our care.

There have been no changes related to our indirect or direct-care employees health status, and we continue to welcome back employees who had previously tested positive for COVID-19, and now have been cleared to return to work. Like all
employees, they will continue to be subject to previously mentioned daily screening and preventive measures, including screening staff prior to each shift, sending any employee home to await test results if they show symptoms of illness, and mandating the use of Personal Protective Equipment by all at the Village, Care Center, Inn and Home Care staff while at work.

Your nursing supervisor will have specific medical details on your family member. Please continue to reach out to them on clinical issues and to me on non-clinical issues. We will continue to provide consistent written communications during this pandemic. Aggregate data can be found at: waveny.org/daily-statistics

Our leadership team continues to work in close coordination with local hospitals, public health authorities, clinicians and other key stakeholders. We continue to practice maximum safety measures for best possible outcomes. Through this challenging period we greatly appreciate the tremendous cooperation being displayed by all parties to protect the health and safety of our Residents, Patients and Caregivers.

Please continue to keep each other in your thoughts and prayers, and know that every day, we are working as diligently as possible to earn your continued patience and support. Your feedback has been constructive and is greatly appreciated. Our entire community is most grateful.


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