April 30, 2020

daily communications

April 30, 2020

Waveny LifeCare Network COVID-19 Daily Update
for Residents, Patients, and Families

As an organization we have continued to fine-tune our response to the unfolding COVID-19 crisis. Key measures include strict adherence to federal and municipal health authority clinical directives, extensive use of Personal Protective Equipment throughout our operations, maintaining stringent culinary and housekeeping hygiene protocols, hiring emergency restoration company SERVPRO on a weekly basis to perform thorough cleanings of our premises, and multi-level screening of staff prior to each shift.

As you see below, another top priority is increasing our commitment to measuring, monitoring, adjusting and improving our Patients’ and Residents’ well-being and recovery through advanced, qualified testing regimens.  A key to our ability to conduct testing has been the high level relationship that Waveny leadership has built with The Jackson Laboratory, who is providing testing lab services in Connecticut. This relationship, coupled with an adequate supply of test kits, has allowed Waveny LifeCare to test a significant majority of our patients and residents.

From applying CDC, Connecticut DPH, and local health authority guidelines on swabbing to collect nasopharyngeal (NP) specimens across our Patient and Resident base, to targeted serum antibody testing (SAT), where COVID-19 survivor blood plasma is collected, isolated and processed to aid antibody production for those stricken with the disease, we are redoubling our efforts to promote our clients’ wellness.

Our clients are of an advanced age - often with underlying co-morbidities which put them at greater risk for succumbing to COVID-19. Moreover, as we age there are decrements in antibody production. This approach attempts to boost the immune systems of the critically ill to improve their chances of recovery. As more test kits become available, we will continue to implement these protocols to support our Patients and Residents, and communicate those actions to our families as responsively as possible.

Waveny’s aggregate data can be found at: waveny.org/daily-statistics

The Village

There are no Resident status changes to report today.

Care Center

One Patient was discharged to the hospital and sadly, that patient succumbed to the virus and passed away this morning. Our heartfelt condolences and prayers are with their family.

The Inn

The Inn continues to have no positive cases of COVID-19.

Waveny Home Care
There are no changes to report related to Home Care division clients.  Moving forward, the Home Care Division will continually be called upon by local hospitals and healthcare providers, alike, to assist in getting their patients and residents home to continue their recuperation.

Below is Today’s Daily Update, which reflects only the changes from yesterday’s information as it relates to the COVID-19 virus and Waveny’s patients, residents and caregiver status.


Changes in the Number of Confirmed and Presumed Positive COVID-19 Cases of Residents/Patients Currently Residing within Waveny: -1
Village (Memory Care): 0                          
Care Center (Full Skilled Nursing): -1 (one sent to hospital and later succumbed)          
Changes in the Number of Confirmed and Presumed Positive COVID-19 Cases of Residents/Patients Currently Hospitalized: 0

Changes in the Number of COVID-related Deaths (confirmed and presumed): 1
Village: 0
Care Center: 1                            

Changes in the Number of Employees who are COVID-19 Positive or Presumed Positive: 0
Employees with Direct Care: 0            
Employees with Non-Direct Care: 0

Changes in the Total of ALL Confirmed and Presumed COVID-19 Cases of Residents, Patients, and Employees: 0                                                              
Village: 0  
Care Center: 0 ( 0 net, one patient sent to hospital  passed away)
Home Care: 0
Employees: 0


Through this challenging period we greatly appreciate the tremendous cooperation being displayed by all parties to protect the health and safety of our Residents, Patients and Caregivers.

Please continue to keep each other in your thoughts and prayers, and know that every day, we are working as diligently as possible to earn your continued patience and support. Your feedback has been constructive and is greatly appreciated.

Your nursing supervisor will have specific medical details on your family member. Please continue to reach out to them on clinical issues and to me on non-clinical issues. Our entire community is most grateful.


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