May 26, 2020

Waveny LifeCare Network COVID-19 Daily Update

for Residents, Patients, and Families

We were thrilled to celebrate Memorial Day with our residents and patients. The President and CEO, Vice President of Human Resources, the Campus and Licensed Administrator, the Care Center’s Director of Nursing, the Executive Director of Community Outreach and Volunteering, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors were all on campus yesterday. This show of attentiveness on a holiday is without equal to any other post-acute care healthcare network, but commonplace to Waveny’s senior management team.

What is also incomparable, is the great strides that Waveny has taken to keep the lines of communication open for you and your family member through skyping, facetiming, and through-window site visits, not to mention our daily updates. Any of these many forms of communicating with our residents or patients requires a great deal of our staff’s time and scheduling to ensure that we meet the needs of our residents and their families, but must not take a nurse away from their direct care responsibilities. We must also maintain the safest barriers and practices required to minimize any risk of a virus entering the community.

We ask for your forethought and consideration in scheduling such a communication. Our Director of Therapeutic Recreation – Jean Gleeson (phone: 203-594-5344 or email: can pre-schedule and implement with early notification any of these forms of communication to meet everyone’s needs, in a safe and secure manner.  

We remain steadfast in our resolve to minimize the risk of a new case within our community. The continuance of donning PPE and routine testing will assure that any potential risk, no matter how small, will be caught early and addressed aggressively. It will only be with the knowledge that Waveny on Farm Road has been clear of any active COVID-19 case for a period of at least 14 days, that management will consider opening back up admissions at Waveny’s Memory Care unit.

Waveny’s Memory Care unit—The Village—has not permitted a new out-of-network admission since its lockdown in March and while its Care Center continued admitting short-term-rehab patients that were pronounced negative for COVID-19 by the hospital discharging to Waveny, Waveny tested and isolated every new admission during this process. This practice will continue uninterrupted for both our Memory Care unit—The Village and our Care Center.

While local towns have taken on phase one of reopening, Waveny must remain steadfast in our resolve. According to the state of Connecticut’s most recent statistics, over 18% or almost one in five citizens who have been tested for SARS-CoV-2 have tested positive. As testing is more accepted and expanded, it is our expectation that while the total number of active COVID-19 will surely rise, the percentage of test cases that will be positive overall will decline below 10% within the next several weeks. While this will be viewed by many as a sign that the region has moved past the crisis, recent history has shown all of us that it only takes one individual not practicing social distancing nor wearing a mask properly to reverse this decline.

Waveny LifeCare Network has shown great forethought in accessing and implementing routine screening and testing for its patients and residents throughout its Farm Road facilities and with its employees within every division. These protocols shall remain uninterrupted.

Waveny’s aggregate data can be found at:

The Village
There are no Resident status updates to report today.  

Care Center
There are no Patient status updates to report today.      

The Inn
The Inn continues to have no positive cases of COVID-19.

Waveny Home Care
There are no Client status updates to report today.  

Below is Today’s Daily Update, which reflects only the changes from yesterday’s information as it relates to the COVID-19 virus and Waveny’s patients, residents and caregiver status.


Changes in the Number of Confirmed and Presumed Positive COVID-19 Cases of Residents/Patients Currently Residing within Waveny: 0
Village (Memory Care): 0
Care Center (Full Skilled Nursing): 0

Changes in the Number of Confirmed and Presumed Positive COVID-19 Cases of Residents/Patients Currently Hospitalized: 0  

Changes in the Number of COVID-related Deaths (confirmed and presumed): 0
Village: 0                                                            
Care Center: 0                                                                              

Changes in the Number of Employees who tested positive for PCR.  All will be retested, but not work until test results are negative or proven to be recuperated and not contagious: 0
Employees with Direct Care: 0            
Employees with Non-Direct Care: 0

Changes in the Total of ALL Confirmed and Presumed COVID-19 Cases of Residents, Patients, and Employees: 0                                                              
Village: 0
Care Center: 0  
Home Care: 0
Employees: 0


Our screening, testing, and care protocols continue to show great progress. We so greatly appreciate your support and engagement.

Your nursing supervisor will have specific medical details on your family member. Please continue to reach out to them on clinical issues, and to me on non-clinical issues or questions.


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